National Medical Licensing Association®

(Subsidiary of NHCI®)

Under Fed. Board of Medical Services

Hereinafter “National Board”



1) Certification & Licensure Testing: National Certification and Licensure Examination registration and testing fees must be paid three weeks (21 days) in advance of the intended test date, in order to ensure timely processing and guarantee availability of Tester’s desired time slot. All exam registrations not completed and paid for within the 21-day timeframe are subject to rescheduling (if no time slots available) or a $40 late registration fee PER exam registration. Examinations can be taken on-site at the following locations, subject to National Board test site approval and current NHCI accreditation: the school of enrollment (for students), the employer (for employees), or other designated test site (for all others). The ATT (Authorization To Test) expires 30 days from the date of issuance. All examinations not completed within this timeframe require that the Tester obtain re-authorization to test, which incurs a separate fee of $250 and extends the ATT for up to 6 months from the end of the initial 30-day ATT period. Testing under the supervision of a Virtual Proctor provided by National Board will incur an additional fee of $25 PER exam registration.

2) Certification & Licensure Renewal Initial certifications obtained from challenging NMLA examinations are valid for two years from the date of testing and must be renewed BEFORE expiration. Certification/license holders must either complete CEUs (Continuing Education Units) or submit verification of current employment in the field to qualify for certification renewal. If certification(s) lapses, one has the option to either retake the respective examination or pay the applicable reinstatement fee (where applicable), which must be pre-approved by an authorized National Board representative in advance.

3) Refund Policy All examination, testing, renewal, reinstatement or other National Board certification and licensing fees are non-refundable and must be paid before services will be rendered. All payments are final. If you have any questions about any National Board Policies, you may contact us for a copy of the applicable guidelines and policies. Contact Credentialing Support at support@info@credentialingInstitute.org or by calling (202) 464-8488 with any questions that may arise or if assistance is needed BEFORE proceeding to submit payment. BY PROCEEDING TO SUBMIT PAYMENT FOR THIS INVOICE YOU INDICATE THAT YOU HAVE READ, UNDERSTOOD, AND AGREED TO THE ABOVE TERMS AND CONDITIONS. Concerning refunds: All sales are final. Refunds are not available for any purchases including, but not limited to: Virtual Proctor fees, certification exams, certification renewals, certification reinstatements, late exam registration fees, or any other associated items provided through the National Medical Licensing Association®–subsidiary of National Healthcare Credentialing Institute® (NHCI) under authority of Federal Board of Medical Services. DO NOT PLACE ORDER WITHOUT FIRST SUBMITTING A CERTIFICATION OR LICENSURE APPLICATION. View full Terms subject to change with or without notice. For assistance, contact: NMLA Certification Department (support@NMLAnow.com) -or- NHCI Accreditation Department (support@credentialinginstitute.org).

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